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Just a few weeks ago, Google announced the death of exact match in AdWords. This led to a negative reaction from Advertisers; we no longer have full control over the keywords that trigger our Ads leading to potential unnecessary wastage in our account. Despite the negative reaction, Google has not changed its mind.

Thankfully for online advertisers, Google AdWords’ monopoly could have come to an end thanks to Yahoo and their recently launched online pharmacies in usa Yahoo Stream Ads.

What is Yahoo Stream Ads?

Yahoo Stream Ads is a simple Ad which is displayed in the news stream of Yahoo’s main portal

For every 7 real news stories, you’ll find a Stream Ad so it has the feeling of Native Advertising. It works on a PPC model so you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. This model is auction-based so the more you pay the higher up you will be featured. Easy, right?

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Yahoo Stream Ads Strengths

  • northwest pharmacy canada Low Cost Per Click: This is one of the key strengths of Yahoo Stream Ads. The average cost per click is really low compare to any PPC campaign. We are looking at CPCs of £0.15. That is even better than the CPCs that we used to get in the good old times of Google AdWords.
  • generic for viagra Click Through Rate: Comparing Yahoo Stream Ads with any other display-based channel, its performance is outstanding with click through rates of 0.20% and above. This makes sense as users landing on Yahoo portal are actively looking for news and stories they have not heard of. They are likely to have some time to spare for browsing news stories, so this format works better compared to traditional banners that get placed across all pages to capture your attention and interrupt you when you are reading something else. E.g: The chance of clicking one of the banners on the right hand side of my Gmail inbox is low; when I check my inbox all I want to see are my emails and nothing else.
  • levitra vs viagra Volume of impressions: Due to being a Pay Per Click model we only pay if someone clicks. This means that the cost per impression is very low, so we can use Yahoo Stream Ads if we have a low budget for Branding activities. A CPC model in a Display tool is like having a shop where you only a small fee if someone actually comes in, instead of paying your standard monthly rent. Yahoo Stream Ads is like having your own shop in central London for free, and you will just pay £0.15 if someone pops in.

Yahoo Stream Ads Weaknesses

  • cialis viagra High Bounce Rate: One of the weak points of Yahoo Stream Ads is the Bounce Rate that we get from our campaigns. If we take into account that the users are only browsing for some content to read it is easy to understand that they will click on different stories and then move on to read the next one, not engaging much with the website after reading the content of the page. There is however a way to still benefit from this traffic with a high bounce rate. We can combine Yahoo Stream Ads with a retargeting campaign to be able to show these visitors our Ads in the future, given their initial interest in our Ad. This is a simple 2 step process to drive conversions and sales to your business.
  • site Poor Targeting: Yahoo Stream Ads is still improving its features and one of the ones that does need improvement is the targeting. At the moment the targeting is just limited to gender, location and interests. The good point is that we only pay if someone clicks which usually means they are interested so even if we show our Ad to users that are not interested they won’t click, so we don’t pay!
  • Few last click Conversions: Unfortunately, Yahoo Stream Ads’ level of conversions is, on average, much lower than PPC campaigns. However, this is balanced out by the fact that with Yahoo Stream Ads you get more visitors for the same budget. Also, not driving last click conversions does not mean that this channel doesn’t contribute to getting users to engage with the site that can lead to a sale later on. In order to measure the success of your campaign you can look at qualitative metrics like time on site or bounce rate to understand what is the user behaviour once they land on your site and whether or not the content they read is engaging or they just bounce straight back.

Native Advertising or Display Banners?

The in-stream model of Yahoo Stream Ads is supposed to be Native Advertising. However, the poor targeting and the wide range of Ads that we can find by having a look at does not seem to be very native to me. Native Advertising is supposed to match the format and content of the rest of stories. The only difference is that within the promoted story we will be able to find a mention to a product or service. However, looking at the Ad at the top it doesn’t look very native as its headline reads: “Low Cost Flights to Dubai”. Semantic discussions aside, I still think this type of Advertising sits in a great position between pure display advertising and pay per click models.

Are Yahoo Stream Ads right for your business?

I believe Yahoo Stream Ads are a great opportunity for many businesses. However, it might be not the right channel for your business.

If your business is just starting up, and cash flow is key to staying afloat, Yahoo Stream Ads might not be the best channel to go for because direct conversions are not very likely to happen unless you sell a product where the journey to purchase is not a one-step process. If you are thinking about investing in some branding exposure but you can’t really afford expensive outdoor advertising, Yahoo Stream Ads is a great option to put your business in front of thousand of eyes every day at a very affordable price.

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