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Do you call yourself a Blogger? Would you call me one? How do I know whether I can call myself a blogger or if that is only for famous writers with large blogs and thousands of followers?

Well, as far as I am aware there is not an official rule to call someone a blogger, so I am going to take the opportunity to define what is being a blogger. (Please comment below to add your ideas or disagreement)

1. Publish Frequency

Here is the big question. How many articles do I need to write a month to be a blogger? There is actually not right or wrong answer to this question. The key to be a blogger is being consistent. It doesn’t matter if you write one article a day, one a week or one a month.

What I consider it is a key to be a blogger is being always aware of your blog. In my case I try to keep an eye on any kind of advertising I see around, and if I find something interesting and take a picture or write down the idea that just came to my mind to develop it later when I have some time to sit down with my computer.

2. Content Resources

Is your work environment or friends helpful to get new ideas that you can then develop and keep your blog fresh with new interesting content? I find this particularly difficult as once you get started and you have written a few articles those brilliant ideas that you had in the beginning start to be repetitive and you need new topics. To be a blogger you need to be continuously looking for new topics which means you must read on a daily basis as a way to get more knowledge and inspiration.

3. Authority

Do you know enough about your Blog Topic to write useful and good quality articles? Being and authority does not mean that you need to be the Matt Cutts of the SEO, just means that you keep yourself updated and you have your own understanding and ideas of a particular subject. Some people will feel identified by the way you approach a particular subject and will be more than happy to get updates and communications with you.


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