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What Is Video Crowdsourcing?

How long does it take to Make a Video?

Is Video Crowdsourcing expensive?

It is very cheap compared to Media/Video agencies. However, the real importance of video crowdsourcing is the multiple videos you get and therefore the high quality of the final one. Also you get different approach to a same concept, different videos like live videos, action videos, animation videos, stop motion videos, etc…

This is one of the videos we made at Userfarm for Cadillac using Video Crowdsourcing


This is a traditional one by the Media Agency Ant&Dec for the supermarket Morrisons

How does Crowdsourcing model work?

The client gives us a brief about what kind of video they want and then the process starts:

1. Ideation

We invite the video makers from the crowd to send their ideas given the client’s brief. Then we chose for example a viagra vs sildenafil top 5 and reward them just for the ideas. Then we have 2 possibilities, we either ask them to also produce it or we get others that we have already work with to produce it.

2. Get Profesionals to Produce it

We liked those ideas but now will get 3 of them to be produced by professionals that we already know. They will produce it, get paid for this work and we will have 3 videos ready for our client.

3. Crowdsource Production

We get back to the crowd again with those 5 ideas and challenge them to go ahead and produce it. Since they will incur in production costs, only those ones who think can do a very good job will accept the challenge. The theory behind this is called Gamification.

To ensure we get enough video makers involved we do it as a contest where not only the winner gets paid.

A typical reward model for a video production would be. The top 5 videos get paid:

  • 1st Position: £10,000
  • 2nd Position: £7,000
  • 3rd Position: £5,000
  • 4th Position: £4,000
  • 5th Position: £3,000

Crowdsourcing sounds a good Choice for Video. However, Why Do Companies Need Video?

There are a few facts from reputable sources that will answer this question for me:

  • Online video is the fastest growing ad format in 2012 with nearly 55% growth. (eMarketer, January 2012)
  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)
  • Blog posts incorporating video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. (SEOmoz, October 2009)
  • Emarketer reports that for every dollar spent online, $3.45 is spent in-store.(eMarketer, February 2008)



Kamran Shaikh is a professional Video Marketer. He is the founder of  cialis generico Gorilla Presentations which builds ecosystems around video

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