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What is the eliquis generic value of your clients? Well, probably your answer will be “depends on which client”. That is going to be my starting point for this article.

When we have a business (note that both offline and online scenarios are considered), it is possible to create http://thatarelegit.accountant thatarelegit 3 groups of clients depending on the value they represent to us.

I am going to use this blog as an example. I get visits from 3 different sources: Social Media, Referrals, Organic. Let’s take a look at the table to understand the differences:



Time On Page Bounce Rate
Social Media












What is the value of my clients based on cialias traffic source? Well, it is clear that the one sending the largest volume of traffic is Social Media. However, it looks like this kind of traffic is not engaging too much with our site based on time on page and bounce rate figures. I would definitely state Social Media visitors as my low quality clients (Type C).

Referred traffic would be my “B” clients based on quality. It is also sending the second largest amount of visits.

My best clients (Type A) are in this case the Organic Traffic with the longest time spent on page.

Once I know the value of my clients, I will be able to allocate a http://onlineclub.accountant canadian pharmacy online different budget or effort on each of those www channels. It is likely that I was pushing social media channels and this is time consuming but as I can see now, it is not the most cost effective because is not the best client to my site. It might be worth spending less time doing social media and allocate that time on building a better SEO strategy to drive more organic traffic.

It is also important to highlight that you should be careful with the http://canadatopratedonlinedrugs.accountant best canadian pharmacies share of your business that each client represent to us. And old and wise saying made it very simple to understand the danger of not having a well balanced client portfolio:

“Don’t put all your Eggs in one Basket”

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