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This is the first one of our SEO series to learn about what Search Engine Factors are critical in Google Algorithm. We are going to learn this by analysing SEO experiments and understanding what is the best way we can benefit from them. Let’s get started!

The Aussie SEO company Dejan SEO carried out this experiment back in 2012. Even though we know the importance of links for SEO, it is interesting to see what different it would make if we didn’t create a link (unlinked text links) and instead, we just created a reference without an actual link to a URL.

Would both of these 2 references below would help rank better to that particular page?

generic A) canadian drugs VS.  

sidenafil B)

The guys from Dejan SEO realised that there are a few sources on the internet where we often see URLs without the actual link to the page like word documents, pdf’s, Powerpoints, etc. What would Google do with these unlinked sources? Would it pass any SEO value at all? They conducted this experiment:

1. cheap Acquired a brand new domain with no authority and a single page optimised for a keyword

2. Created a series of cialis 10 mg posts in different domains referencing back to the new page without actual links (Example B).

3. canada drug center Monitor the rankings for the the brand new page after 2 sets of 10 different articles with references to this page.

The Outcome was that the new page got for no ranking improvement at all. Creating these references didn’t have any effect.

This explains the importance of creating links (internally and externally).

Matt Cutts, the Head of WebSpam at Google, explained below why this is not taken into account for SEO value. In a nutshell, he says that it would be way too easy to create references to your website just by commenting in Forums and Blogs. Creating links (DoFollow) is a lot more difficult, and therefore is taken as an authority signal.


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