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Traffic sources are the paths to your site. Even though the destination is always your website, the journey and the behaviour of the visitors coming from these paths will be very different.

Quality of Traffic

Let’s have a look at different metrics besides those cool audience peaks on Analytics that sometimes we struggle to make increase. What about the quality of your traffic? This will influence the actions/sales that are happening on your website. This can be applied to any website with or without transactions/e-commerce site. Remember that even if your website is just a personal blog (like this one) you should have a goal set up beyond just traffic. In my case it’s engagement measured by subscribers. Obviously I do want traffic to my website, but my ultimate goal is engaging with this audience and getting them to register to my newsletter.
In an e-commerce website this is more obvious as we would be looking at its sales, never just visits.

Measuring Success viagravscialisgeneric100mg Now it is time for our traffic source analysis to see what is working best in terms of quality of traffic for our website. Take a look at the Traffic Sources section in Google Analytics. For a specific time frame you can compare what channel is driving more traffic, but more importantly you can look at how long these visitors stayed on page and also the bounce rate. This will give you a first idea about the engagement of these visitors with your site and your content.

You can also take a look at what pages are your audience engaging more with. To do this, filter the traffic data by the traffic source you just want to analyse and see where they are landing and staying longer. This will also help you to get an understanding of what kind of content they are more interested in.

Once you have this information now take a look at the conversions from each traffic source and pages. This should go in line with the engagement figures that you checked previously.
If you have a traffic source (let’s say Facebook) that is driving traffic which engages with your site and spend long time on it but the conversion figures do not reflect this trend, you should dismiss this source and put your efforts into a better converting channel.

Another good analysis of the quality of your traffic is filtering one traffic source that we want to analyse in more detail (like Facebook) and then looking at the pages these visitors are engaging with. Once you have this data you can try to optimise these pages for a better conversion rate. Does the Subscribe button stand out enough so the visitors can see it at a glance? cialis Conversion Optimisation is a very powerful tool that we should always take into consideration. Software like ClickTale or CrazyEgg will help you to discover and understand the behaviour of your visitors and assist you in developing a better converting Website. sildenafil 100 mg preise Subscribe below for Free Updates of Digital Mind London

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