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If you already learn how to start a blog, and went through our content and strategy tips on Blogging in a previous article it is time to have a checklist with 5 must have Tips for Blogging. I will assume that you already have that in mind before pressing the Publish button. Today we are going to be looking at 5 Must Have Tips for Blogging if you are already into Blogging so you make sure you are not missing out on reach opportunities. 1. sale HomePage: Is your site a blog or do you have a blog integrated in your site? Either way you want to make sure it is appealing for the visitor so he stays, engage and interacts with your site by clicking on other articles, banners or subscribing to your blog. You want to make sure the bounce rate is as low as possible. buydrugsfromcanadaonline 2. Contact: Regardless of what your intent is, you should have an easy contact form in your blog so anyone can contact you. The purposes of the contact can vary a lot. It can be another blogger willing to collaborate in your blog or even a company interested in your content and knowledge about an specific subject.
3 . About: Don’t be shy, you put a lot of effort in writing and being consistent. Write a few lines about you. What is your expertise, what are you good at, why you should be an authority in the subjects you write about. Everyone wants to know who is the person behind those lines.
4.  CV: Why not? Sending CV’s is an old fashion way to find new opportunities. How cool is saying to an employer…yeah, just go to my site, my update CV is published there.
5.  Goal: What is the aim of your Blog? The answer can be no other than engagement. If it is anything else you really got this wrong. Don’t start a blog to sell anything, the only thing that you can sell with Blogging is you (your brand or your personal brand)

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