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http://tadalafil.accountant cialis tadalafil Time spent on site or  http://viagravscialisgeneric100mg.accountant viagravscialisgeneric100mg Bounce rate are two key facts that most of the webmasters tend to forget about. We usually care only about visits and unique visitors hoping that somehow it will magically start to grow. But these two facts are not just more cool data provided by Google Analytics for the sake of overwhelm us with data, on the contrary, it does help us to understand why those thousand of visits didn’t get to our site yet.


From SEO point of view, Google has to look at different numbers to understand the quality of a website and how is the user experience. They could conduct surveys to everyone visiting our site, but that would be rather pricey, so why not trying to get that from visit duration and bounce rates data? It does make sense to me that if I am enjoying a website and it has good quality content I am going to spend sildenafil sandoz more time reading and I am trust pharmacy canada more likely to click on relevant links instead of just dropping off straightaway.

This is alright, but sometimes it can get tricky even for good quality content / websites. If your website is a http://onlinecanadadrugsclub.accountant onlinecanadadrugsclub.accountant blog and the visitor reads your content without clicking anywhere and then just buy tadalafil closes the window, that will be counted as a store Bounce which is a bad sign in terms of quality of your website. For this reason make sure you create http://cilaiscialisvsviagra5mg.accountant cialis from canada interactive content with clickable pictures and for relevant links. This will also improve the time spent on site.

http://cilaiscialis20mgcoupons.accountant Internal linking to other relevant content within your web/blog will make your visitors keep http://viagrasamplesgenericinusa.accountant viagra for men engaging with http://viagrasamplesgenericinusa.accountant viagra samples your site. Also some other content like videos are proved to be very helpful to increase the time on site because if it is relevant to the page you visitors will be likely to watch the entire video which for Google will mean more time spent on your site and therefore, a cialis 20 better quality website.

Keeping down the Bounce Rate and long the Time Spent on Site will give you a better SEO score which subsequently will drive more organic traffic to your site.