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“Can we please set this Campaign life before EOP?

It is very urgent”

1. Email Notifications

2. A/B/C Clients

If you are not familiar with this concept take a look at The Value of your Clients article where we discussed how you can classify your clients into 3 different clusters and then allocate different amounts of time/effort to each one depending the contribution to the total.

3. Eisenhower Matrix



This Time Management Matrix by Eisenhower is a great and easy method to classify your tasks and be able to decide faster how to get them done.

1. High Importance / High Urgency: Not much to say for the tasks under this category…just get them done.

2. High Importance / Low Urgency: Important tasks that need to be done by you but can wait. Just make sure you write it down somewhere that you are not going to forget. Use your favourite method; write it down in your notebook, Outlook calendar, set up a reminder or use post-it…but write it down in your To Do List!

3. Low Importance / High Urgency: Can you delegate this task to someone else? It needs to be done asap, however it is not important. Do not hesitate and ask for help if you have the chance.

4. Low Importance / Low Urgency: Make a decision, don’t leave these tasks there for months. If are not important enough just make a decision and dismiss them. Otherwise try to delegate and don’t waste time on these ones.


Those are my tips for Time Management, I would love to hear yours.

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