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Consumer Behaviour, 7 Ps, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis…is it  no longer working?
During the last few years Digital Marketing seems to have conquered the Marketing field, and it does make sense if we keep in mind how quick new technologies are spreading all over the world, but it is also pushing away traditional marketing concepts that used to be the Marketing Foundationsjust three years ago. So, are these old fashion models useless now? Is the Marketing I learnt at Uni dead? I don’t think so.

I believe it is still applicable but has been forgotten by marketers who only care now about “Likes“, “Keywords” or “Pandas” and the principles behind it don’t count anymore. 

There is a Key Marketing message I always keep in mind. “Understand your Customers and satisfy their needs” No matter the channel or environment (Offline marketing Campaigns, TV Ads, e-mail marketing, Social media) it always works.
Some marketers might even agree with me on the paragraph above. However, they would dismiss Mass Marketing techniques (such as billboards, TV or Newspaper Advertising). 
Even though their effectiveness is lower for the lack of target, it is still a Must Do for Leader Brands. Why do we kick it out of the picture?

Can you imagine Coca-Cola without TV Ads? Neither Can I


Digital Marketing is nothing new, is actually just Marketing through digital channels (Social media, Search Engines, Online Advertising) to reach a specific target audience, communicate our product/brand values and keep our customers engaged.
Why did marketers change their focus to digital channels? Because we realised that new technologies were changing people lifestyles. When people travelled on the train they used to look through the window (and maybe looked at some huge billboard outside), now they are checking Twitter, Facebook or an App on their mobiles.  Different channels, same goal. Communicate.

Digital Marketing has a huge advantage though. It gives the opportunity to any company to find their niche market and get their piece of the cake. It’s just a matter of targeting. This will push the marketing costs down and our campaign success up.

New technologies have made Marketers adapt to use new channels, strategies and customers’ approach, and future changes will make us adapt again, the bottom line is that no matter what will come next, we should never call dead the foundations of the Art of Marketing.

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