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Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam Team has warned us, once again, about the danger of Guest Blogging meaning this cialis for sale The Death of Guest Blogging.

  • Is there any real danger in Guest Blogging?

  • Is Matt serious this time?

  • Do you really understand the limits?

  • Is this the Death of Guest Blogging?

I have seen a lot of noise and comments going on around this announcement from Matt Cutts. However, as with most of Matt´s releases I would take it with a pinch of salt.

Guest Blogging is a NOT a Spammy practise. However, overusing this technique and relying on it in isolation to increase your rankings IS SPAMMY. You will get easily spotted by Google and quickly penalised, meaning that your rankings are going to decrease dramatically.

If you want to understand what Guest Blogging should be like you need to think about it from a Networking point of view. I am a blogger and I do like to contact and to get contacted by other bloggers to either host their articles or  get my articles hosted on their sites, and creating links.

When I say “ cialis Link” I don´t just mean the <href > piece of HTML code that as we all know passes SEO value from one site to the destination site, I mean Link between people. If I want to recognise a friend, colleague of fellow blogger his work and I use my personal website to broadcast this. If I care about my blog, I will make sure this content where I am sending my reader to, is high quality content so I don´t lose my own audience.

How we make sure we are not going to be Penalised?

Even if you are doing a lot of Guest Blogging because you like to create these links with people, there are a few tips I would like to share with you so that we stay on the safe side:

1. Landing Pages

Make sure the links pointing to your website don´t go to the same page. We should be looking at a good variety of landing pages so Google doesn’t think that we are actually giving money to other bloggers to promote one specific page we want to increase rankings for. In my case, I have most of my links pointing to the HomePage because I like promoting my website as a whole, not just a single article.

2. Anchor Text

Anchor Text, the actual name of the link pointing to your site, should look natural as well. We all know that the Anchor Text gives signals to Google of what we are an authority for. In my case, most of my links are “Digital Marketing Blog” or “Digital Marketing London”. This is quite natural to Google, but if you want to promote specific keyword like this first one, make sure you have other different anchor texts.

3 Number of Links per month

How many links do you have a month? In my case is difficult to say, as I don´t have a scheduled strategy to contact bloggers. This is alright, the real issue is if you have an average of a new link every other month and suddenly during 1-2 months you get 10 new links per month. Google could well think that you are paying for these links, being likely to get penalised.

What do you think about Matt´s release?

Is it here the Death of Guest Blogging?

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