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Alvaro Bellido

Today I’ve been one of the happy visitors to levitra 20mg cost per pill Technology for Marketing and Advertising at Earls Court meds online 2 (#tfma2013). Really impressive organization, lots of interesting seminars, and very good networking environment to keep updated about latest digital marketing trends.

With a few Seminars ahead I started the day with: “Measuring the ROI of Social Marketing”  
by Liz Smith (Marketo Marketing Director).

“How many people in the room have been asked by their boss: What is the actual ROI of our Social Media Campaign?” Answering this question has been the central point of this interesting seminar where Liz explained how building a community through social media channels will give us good feedback on their needs and preferences so we can tailor our Marketing efforts to make it useful and engaging to our brand.
What kind of content motivates your Audience? Practical stuff like discounts or vouchers, or more emotional things like knowledge content. Once you know it, you just need to create it and share it.

 It is not about doing Social Campaigns, is about doing every Campaign Social


“What’s in a visit”  
by Rob Curran (Reading Room Ltd)
Very interesting approach by Rob Curran to how much a visit is worth. He pointed out that,unlike a few years ago, we can’t compare a campaign’s success just with the number of visitors coming to our website. Now, other factors like bounce rate, time on page or pageviews also contribute to the success of the campaign and we should make sure we keep it in mind when comparing campaigns’ success.
Therefore, we should create our own “Algorithm” and assign points to every factor:
 X(Visitors) = 0.10 / Y(Minutes on page) = 20 / Z (PageViews) = 15
Campaign 1: £25,000 (2000 visitors, 3 minutes on page, 4.5 PageViews)
 SCORE = 327
Campaign 2: £25,000 (1500 visitors, 4.5 minutes on page, 6 PageViews)
  SCORE = 330
Even though campaign 1 got more visitors the total score using the Algorithm revealed that Campaign 2 was the most successful one.


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