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For us guys first dates are hard work. You dress up in your best clothes and plan everything for a perfect date. Money is not a problem, you are ready to pay for dinner and drinks, you want to impress her. However, you don’t usually get much from these dates. You are not even sure if a second date will ever happen. First dates are difficult, expensive and not fun in many occasions.

When someone lands on your Website a First Date moment happens. You have worked hard and invested time and money on making your page look great, you want to impress your user and make her feel comfortable. However, she is confused and lost. She doesn’t know  how to navigate or what to do on your site.

My Dating History

After that difficult first date she wants to see you again, you have a Second Date! Now she feels more comfortable and relaxed. The conversation flows and you spend all the evening together, it’s looking very promising!

Here is my dating history for the last couple of months.

First Dates Vs Second Dates

First Dates Vs Second Dates – I’ve been quite busy in the last 2 months!


First Vs. Second Date Ratio

In the last couple of months url I’ve have had 1,636 dates. However, canadian drugs only 439 (27%) wanted to see me again. That means I need 4 first dates in order to get a second date. That’s not good news taking into account how much work and effort I need to put in a first date! I might have to get new clothes; I’ve never been good at fashion!


Most of my first dates abandoned me after the first drink (82.29%). However, in second dates only half of them left after the first drink (51.25%). Still not great, but definitely an improvement.

I need 4 First Dates for a Second Date

and 2 Second Dates for a Second Drink


As expected the number of subjects raised in first dates was lower than second dates, 1.32 Vs 2.92. Second dates were more interested in finding out more about me.

Date Duration

Second dates were interested in more topics so they stayed for a second drink. This led to longer dates, 5 times longer, in fact than first dates. Second dates are definitely more engaging.

Relationship Rate

sidenafil After 1,636 dates, I got 11 relationships. 5 of them happened on the first date and 6 on a second date. If we take into account the number of First Dates Vs. Second dates the relationship rate was  0.42% to 1.37%. Looking great for price second dates, 3 times greater!

How good is my Dating Performance?

If you also have worked out your own dating performance you can find some context with this Monetate Ecommerce conversion rate study.

As you can see, First Dates are less successful than Second Dates in the Market. In this case we are looking at ecommerce websites where the goal is a transaction.

In canadian online pharmacy 2013 the Relationship Rate was 1.83% in First Dates and 3.16% in Second Dates. Note that we are looking at ecommerce websites here. (I am going to use this as an excuse to explain my poor dating performance compared to this)

The Perfect Dating Balance

With my dating performance data from above we can come up with a few interesting conclusions that will help me get better at Dating:

  • I need 4 First Dates to get 1 Second Date
  • I need 73 Second Dates to Get 1 Relationship
  • I need 238 First Dates to Get 1 Relationship

3 Dating Tips

1. Don’t ask them for a relationship in the First Date. You are 3 times more likely to Fail

2. Build interest and engagement with your First dates only aiming  to get a Second Date

3. Second Dates are ready for commitments, it’s the time to ask. Good Luck!


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