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How to Survive Not Provided Keywords Crisis?

Webmaster Tools

I do know well that keywords data on Webmaster Tools are not accurate whatsoever. However with this not provided keywords crisis I would not dismiss it to gather information about keywords we are found for. Please do not take the clicks information to see the traffic you get because as I said it is not accurate. I also linked Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics so I can access this data directly from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Everyone says the solution to Not Provided Keywords crisis is monitoring landing page information. I don’t think this is a great solution just because I don’t know where that traffic is coming from. We can filter Organic Traffic data and check this for one specific page, but what are they typing to get to this page? Is it brand related? Is something to do with an offline campaign so should not be attributed to our SEO campaings? I like the idea of checking Google Analytics data but only if we can combine it with Adwords data.

Google Adwords

Here is what Google was after…yes, you need to pay for information by using Google’s advertising platform, Google Adwords.

With Adwords you will be able to monitor the trends of your branded keywords (if you do brand bidding).

Now you can monitor the traffic to the pages you are promoting on SEO and subtract later the brand searches effect from Google Adwords information and you will get a pretty accurate idea about how your SEO Performance.

(Update: Google is rolling this out to Adwords. Are we also facing Not Provided Keywords in Google Adwords?)



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