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The SuperBowl, one of the most watched events with more than 100 Million Viewers is also a battle for Superbowl ads where brands they fight for their moment of glory to show a large audience their brand new Ad at $4 Million for a 30 seconds.
Here a small collection of the most relevant/interesting/controversial Superbowl Ads for 2013. Enjoy!

http://canadaonlineclub.accountant canada pharmacy online     url  Superbowl Ads-Clydesdales

2. Mercedes-Benz – New CLA

Superbowl Ads-Mercedes Benz

3. Volkswagen – Get In, Get Happy

Superbowl Ads-Volkswagen

4. Taco Bell – Game Day

Superbowl Ads-Taco Bell


5. Go Daddy – Perfect Match

Superbowl Ads-GoDaddy
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