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Unfortunately I decided to start blogging just a few months ago, and now that like many other beginners I am starting to struggle to find what to write, I realise how much easier it would have been to do so when I was at University.

Why University students should become online pharmacies canada bloggers?

1. Get exposure

As a student, you are hoping to kick off your career after university. Why should the company you like pick you? Are you the best of your class? Then you don’t need a blog or any extra work, otherwise you might find worth investing a bit of time on creating your own “brand” and broadcast it. Imagine yourself on an interview saying: “Oh yes, actually I have a publication on that subject in my blog”.

2. The lecturer will give you the ideas

If you are hopefully studying something you are interested in (at least a few subjects), you have all what it takes to be able to write consistently about something (the most difficult bit when it comes to blogging). All you have to do is listening to your lecturer and write down a few ideas you think is worth sharing on the blogsphere.

3. Saving Studying Time

Writing an article about a particular subject will help you to understand it and eventually you will save revision time. It is like avoiding study before the exam because you are already an expert.

4. Free Time

Yeah, I know that as a student you would rather napping or partying but, let’s be fair, you have time for everything and trust me that after university is a lot more difficult to find the time to do it.

5. Money

Well, don’t get too excited about this. Making money with a blog is not easy or fast, but if you are consistent you will get there. And to be honest I’d rather writing than doing any other kind of tedious summer jobs.

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