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Learning more about Search Engine Factors we have found this experiment from the Dejan SEO guys where they wanted to test whether or not it is true that if you get a backlink from an authoritative website that has many outgoing links, the actual SEO value that this passes on to your site is very little because of the amount of links that it already has. It is usually thought that vardenafil too many links makes a single one less powerful than a site with fewer amount.

Let’s imagine that a site has an online canadian pharmacies SEO value of 100. If we have only 10 links we would pass cialis 10mg 10 SEO points to each one, but if we have 100 different links, the SEO value of each one would be only 1 point.  Is this actually true?

They got a sildenafil generic new domain and a backlink from a very authoritative website (PR 7), which pointed back to the test page. In a matter of a week home the new page was ranking 3rd for the selected keyword which managed to climb another position soon to reach the 2nd position of Google Search Engine.

My thoughts about this experiment is that even though for this particular case it looks like the amount of external links that this high authority website had did not affect the SEO value, we should pharmacies in canada be cautious with websites that have too many outbound links if we are thinking about acquiring links. Remember that Google penalises everything that is too obviously an SEO business, like acquiring links, etc. because it is skewing its algorithm and this is something they don’t like.

Taking the above into account, if a website is linking out to too many sites compared to other similar sites, chances are that there is a business reason behind it,  and therefore I would not be surprised if, sooner or later. they receive a Google penalty. In this case the link that you acquired would lose all its value.

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