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She approaches SEO from an offline angle looking more  for offline interaction that will have an effect on your online rankings.

Building links with sponsored articles or guest posts is a good way to improve your rankings, but offline events like giving a talk at a Brit’s mum event can also give you an invaluable link back to your site that you could not get otherwise.

I have taken an screenshot of the agenda of an event organised this year by Brit Mums. Please see below in the red box where Jo is mentioned. She also got a nice link to her site from a domain with a 58 authority! Great work!




Jo explains how to do SEO with 3 ranges of budget ( £0 / £0 – £2500 / £20,000 – £30,000). I am not going to go into more detail because she also share the presentation with all of all so please have a look below.

Jo encouraged us to do SEO thinking of events and real interaction with people. That will make some noise and the rankings will increase thanks to social media mentions and links back to your site.

Are you attending next Search London event?

I will see you there!

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