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Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a Google event about RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) at Google UK offices. Like any other Google Adwords extensions I thought it would be something interesting but never expected to see something as for remarkable as I think this is.

What is RLSA?

The whole concept behind RLSA combines Google Adwords and the power of Remarketing. canadapharmacy Google defines RLSA as: “Remarketing lists for search ads is a feature that lets you customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google”. pharmacy2u Related:  Yahoo Stream Ads – Time to leave AdWords

RLSA – A picture is worth a thousand words

cheap Before RLSA this is what happened when someone typed “Buy Shoes” in Google Search; viagra alternative all the potential customers look the same to us because we don’t have information about them.


This is what happens now with  brand RLSA. We know more about the potential customers and we can specify to whom we want Google to show our Ads. Great reach with better targeting will undoubtedly lead to better conversion and ROI results.


How can we use RLSA?

The most efficient way to benefit from RLSA is by sale applying it to the Adgroups with the most competitive (and expensive) keywords. Usually the search volume for these keywords is high and the Cost per Click high too. In this case, with RLSA we will tell Google that we only want to show our Ads to those who have already been in our website. As we know returning visitors convert at a better rate than new visitors (it works like a Second Date).

If we want, we can define even more to what specific users we want Google to show our Ads. We can create different audience lists for different pages. For example, let’s say the path to purchase in our site follows this process:

1. Section Page / 2. Product Page / 3. Basket / 4. Personal Details / 5. Bank Details / 6. Payment

The users that only visited the product page might not be interested enough in purchasing our product. However, those ones who reached the bank details page should be more likely to end up buying our product. We can then tell Google that we only want to show our Ads to those users that have reached this page. The experiments shows that the Cost Per Acquisition will decrease 48%.

Budget strategy with RLSA

In order to use RLSA successfully it is important to have a good bidding strategy. This means that, because we are going Ambien to narrow down the amount of impressions and clicks for the chosen campaign, we will have to be more aggressive in our bidding strategy. When our Ad shows, it will be vital to be showing in the top 3 positions to ensure that we to get that click through to our website. By being more aggressive we will have higher Cost per Clicks, however those clicks are more likely to end up in a conversion so don’t worry if you are paying expensive Costs Per Click if your average Cost Per Action decreases.

A good way to calculate how much you should increase your bids is comparing your conversion rates between the generic users and those ones you are going to target now. Let’s see an example to make this easy:

  • Conversion Rate of New Visitors = 1%
  • Conversion Rate of Users reaching Basket Page = 5%

Obviously the likelihood of the users reaching the basket page is a lot higher than those ones just landing on the site. In this case the conversion rate is 5 times greater, therefore we should increase our Bids 5 times in our RLSA campaign.

RLSA improves the advertising experience for both customers and advertisers. Potential customers only get served Ads of their interest as they decide what they decide what they type on Google and when they want to see these Ads. Advertisers can target only their most valuable customers making Google Adwords an even more efficient and targeted way of Advertising.

Bidding Strategy with RLSA

How much more value is in a returning user compared to a new user? This is something that we need to figure out to be able to come up with a bidding strategy in RLSA. We should increase our bids to show our Ads in a higher positions. With RLSA we will be able to have increased bids for those potential customers that are searching for a specific keyword on Google who have previously been in our site.

How much should I increase the bids? You can work this out by comparing the conversion rate for new users compared to returning users. If this is twice as much then you should double the bids, as the value of the users that you are targeting now is double the value of the users you targeted previously.

Audience in RLSA

With RLSA we can target different audiences. However it is possible to go deeper than just returning and new visitors. Within returning visitors we can create different audience lists. Let’s create 3 different audiences:

  1. Visitors to the Homepage
  2. Visitors to the Product Page
  3. Visitors to the Basket Page

In this case we can allocate different bids to these 3 types of audiences. We would bid more aggressively to the third audience as they are further down the conversion funnel and are more likely to purchase our product.

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