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We discussed a few days ago about the Power of Frequency when it comes to Advertising. In that article I used an offline campaign, a newspaper banner. It did work with me and I think it worked with a few more people. Now it’s time to understand cialis 30 day sample how the power of frequency can be extended to the online side of advertising with Retargeting Advertising.

The basic concept of Retargeting Advertising is very simple.

I have a potential client coming to my shop, but unfortunately he doesn’t buy anything. I don’t really know why he didn’t buy, why he left or why he came to my shop, I only know that he came. Maybe he came because of a friend referral, a brochure, a TV Ad… I don’t really care now about that, order what I do care about is that he left with no purchase. Wouldn’t it be great to have his contact details as soon as he steps into my shop?

That is what retargeting actually does. Whenever someone visits your website that information is kept in a cookie and we are purchase able to keep reminding this visitor that we are still available. Is viagra vs cialis highly targeted because he showed interest beforehand, therefore is pharmacy2u very efficient.

He was not ready to buy, but whenever he is, we will site remind him that he is very welcome to come back to our shop.

It is important to highlight that online Retargeting Advertising is especially effective for websites that already have high traffic but whose conversion rates are not that good. It focuses on the bottom of the conversion funnel, so the first level of it (traffic) must be large enough to provide retargeting advertising with enough visitors to be re-targeted.

Can you think about any other way to affect the bottom of the conversion funnel and increase conversions?

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