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One of the most popular Google Search Ranking Factors that will help your rankings is creating new content. Google is very serious about duplicate content and this can have very negative effects on your own site if you are not careful with the way you structure your content. You need to make sure you use canonical tags to avoid penalties. E.g. homepage | 

In this case you need to make use of the Canonical Tag to tell Google that both pages are the same and you are not duplicating your own content.

However the guys at DejanSEO put this to the test, no with their own content, but actually pharmacy express stealing content from other reputable websites (after agreement) and publishing on their own web to see if it was possible to rank higher than the original. The theory says that the page with a higher PageRank will be treated as the original and any links and Social signals on the copy will be attributed to the “original” page.

They stole content from 4 different websites. One of them, was an Moz’s pages, the personal page of Moz’s CEO, Rand Fishkin. If there is an authority online about SEO, that is Rand. After copying Rand’s content from his personal page, the new page created by DejanSEO and optimised for the search “Rand Fishkinwas ranking first as you can see below.

Rand Fishkin Stolen Content

DejanSEO’s page is showing in 1st position for “Rand Fishkin”. Scary, isn’t it?

How to Protect your Content

There are many different ways to protect your content from getting stolen. Giving Google plenty of signals about who you are and what the root domain of your content is (Google Authorship, Internal Linking) should help you protect your content.

However, I believe that the best way to be aware of what is going on is using Google Alerts. I personally use it for my brand nameDigital Mind London” and whenever someone post any content in any website with my brand name, I will receive a notification from Google so I can have a look and check whether my content has been stolen, in which case I would let Google know, or I just got a mentioned (in which case I would say thanks!).

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