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Today we are going to walk you through some PPC Basics; actually one of the most important concepts if we want to launch a Pay Per Click campaign. The Long Tail Theory.
The classic concept of Long Tail site Theory says that mass production in our days does not work anymore, customers are looking for unique and remarkable products, or Purple Cows as Seth Godin pointed out in his book. Customisation is what all potential customers expect from you. 
Something similar happens to the  Keywords in Google Adwords. If you bid for high competition keywords you are going to be fighting for very expensive clicks which will drive lots of traffic, but you can also find cheaper low competition keywords and get good quality traffic by using a greater amount of keywords. This requires time, analysis and a good account structure,therefore will be a time consuming task but it will be more than worthwhile as you will see how you get a lot more with your Adwords Budget.

Keywords and Match Type

If the PPC Basics is not enough for you and you are already an expert you might have a look at the last Google Adwords launch that will help you reduce your costs even more by using PPC with Retargeting; RLSA Adwords
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