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We have only one chance to make a first good impression.

The first impressions are important. That’s why we all go to the office  wearing a suit the first day (this never happen again), or you put so much effort in looking look in that first date.

We all experiment first impression in a different way, that depends on your past experiences and the preconceived idea around those experiences.

– What do you think about this last BMW?

– A) I love it! I saw their last Ad and I really want to buy one as soon as I manage to save some money

– B) I don’t like it. My neighbour has one and he always parks it in my parking place.

First Impression in Online Campaigns – Landing Pages

We are all aware of the importance that landing pages have when it comes to capitalise our marketing promotional efforts. Either for a PPC campaign or for any offline activity the page we drive those first time visitors to within our site will be really important. There are plenty of guidelines and best practises to help you create efficient and conversion-driven landing pages. However, as we mentioned earlier everyone’s first impression when visiting the website will be different and will depend on previous experiences. Is there then any way to make sure our landing pages are optimised?

Testing, testing, testing

Yes, the answer again is testing. Even though landing pages best practices can help you to quickly get closer to the best landing page there is no better way to find the best landing page than learning from your data. A/B testing would be highly recommended to see how little changes to each page increase or decrease the user experience.

How are you going to make that first impression remarkable for your potential consumers? Start thinking about landing pages as if it was your first day in the office and you will make that good first impression that will make your customers like your brand.

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