25 SEO Experiments
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1. Set Up

In order to test this properly they acquired 2 brand new domains and created about 8 pages in each of them. The objective was see what happened to them by just building NoFollow links.

They run the test during 4 weeks monitoring the amount of new NoFollow links created and the rankings for the selected keywords.

2. Testing

They now starting in the first week building links by commenting in blogs in the similar industry that each domain was in.

. WEEK 1

Both domains started from scratch so they didn’t have any links pointing to them at all and were not ranking anywhere in Google for the 5 selected keywords.

. WEEK 2

At the end of the second week and after having built 35 NoFollow Links by commenting on different blogs the results were:

– Domain A: 3 out the 5 keywords are ranking within the first 10 pages of Google. In pages 4, 6 and 8

– Domain B: All 4 keywords for this domain were ranking in Google. 2 on third page, another two on pages 7 and 8.

. WEEK 3

The Nofollow link building carried on and another 40 links were built. New improvements were monitored at the end of this week.

– Domain A: All 5 keywords were ranking between pages 2 and 5

– Domain B: All 5 keywords were ranking between pages 1 and 9 with most of them in the top 5.

. WEEK 4

In the last week another 15 more NoFollow links were created making it a total of 15 Links which made a total of 90 NoFollow Links.

At the end of the week the results were:

– Domain A: All 5 keywords were ranking between pages 1 and 5

– Domain B: 3 out of the 5 keywords improve their rankings again reaching 1st page in 2 cases.

3. Analysis

According to this experiment it is clear to me that NoFollow links do actually help improve your rankings. Even though in a competitive market the effect of Nofollow links must be very limited, in a less competitive scenario I believe it can contribute to push your rankings up. Are you ready to comment on blogs?