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I like shopping at Next. Their shop at Oxford Street is pretty handy for me and the products and the prices are good. One day in the shop they asked me for my contact details to keep me updated on latest collections. In return they offered me a £15 voucher. I like the shop so, why not? I gave them my details and now I received emails from time to time with their new clothes and offers. Obviously I went to redeem my voucher straight away. Who doesn’t like free stuff??

Then I started to receive emails from them as expected. I opened the first one keen to see what new stuff they had to offer:


Yeah, really cool glases. Not quite my style though

Well, how unlucky…it looks like this one was more focused on women collection, lets see what I get in the next email.


That is a lovely bag!

This must be very bad timing as they are only promoting women collections. I would really like to see one for men!!

It looks like Next don’t really understand what is email marketing about. They spend resources to capture customers’ emails so they can keep in touch and send them updates about latest collections so they come back to buy more clothes. So far, all sounds good, however email marketing is not about collecting contacts and sending a generic email to everyone, because instead of going to the shop I am going to unsubscribe for the lack of relevancy in these emails.

Segmentation: Basic Rule for Email Marketing

Just by segmenting the subscriber´s list for Men / Women this problem would be sorted. The more we can segment, the better. But we don’t want to ask too many question to our contacts or otherwise they won’t fill it out. Maybe for Next’s case, asking for the age would help the type of clothing more suitable for each one. If we create 3 Age Ranges this would give us just 6 lists. Men / Women + 3 Age Ranges. I think Next should already know this.

Consistency Email / Landing Page

As important of segmenting the audience so every customer gets what is relevant to him/her, is that the landing page once you clicked on the email takes you to the most relevant page. In this case Next are doing it well, as when I click in the email this takes me to the women section of Next’s website, Fantastic!

Bonus Track – Encouraging Customers to Shop


They really know what I like, don’t they?

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