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What am I doing wrong?

What can we do to improve our Open Rate?

 1 Opt In

2 Headline

Your Headline they key factor for a good Open Rate. It is the reason why your subscribers will decide if the content of it is appealing to them or not. Therefore it is highly recommended to take some time to decide what is the best short sentence to sum up what it is about or what they can find out if they open the email.

3 When to send it

The demographics of your audience will affect what is the best time to send the email. You can find online hundreds of infographics with studies telling you what is the most successful time-frame for the best open rate in email marketing. My Advice? That study will no apply to your audience just because your subscribers and my subscribers are unique so you are the only one that can come up with the best times by Testing. Weekdays, weekend, morning, evening. Testing is the only way to understand your subscribers behaviour and get the best response in terms of Open Rate.

4 Frequency

How many emails do your subscribers expect from you? Ideally you want to send as many as possible, but be careful, we don’t want to be annoying. If you are sending one e-mail per week and they don’t unsubscribe it would be worth sending 2 emails per week. The key point here is watching the unsubscribes. If you start getting too many you need to go back one step or otherwise you will run out of subscribers!

5 Analysis

I hope these tips work for you. However the only way to understand the behaviour of your subscribers is by testing it yourself. Write down what works better in your case in terms of frequency, days of the week, popular subject, best performing headlines and that will get you the highest increase in Open Rate.

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