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Huge Image Ads in Adwords for brand searches. It is only under test in the US, however, it this goes life Brand Bidding will become a MUST for all brands no matter position in the market, size or strategy. Huge Image Ads in Adwords for brand searches is the latest Google extension (still under test) for Google Adwords. and it will display a huge brand image that would take most real state of the first Google results page leading to greater Click Through Rates for brand search terms.

What does this effectively mean? This would mean a total change in the current use of brand bidding on PPC. Currently brands use brand bidding as a defensive brand strategy where they cover they brand name by bidding on their brand pushing competitors which want to “steal” their traffic down to lower positions. Some smaller companies with less brand recognition don’t need to cover their brand as there are no competitor trying to steal their traffic and their brand traffic is not very relevant anyway.

However, with this massive cialis generic Image Ads in Adwords extension it would become a must do for any brand as the benefit of bidding on your own brand would be massive if that means covering the amount of real state shown on the image above specially if we take into account that the average cost per click for brand terms is very low.

Google recently decided to stop providing keywords on organic search as a way to force everyone to use Google Adwords and now this Image Extension would mean getting even more business since brands would have to bid on their brand.

Google is now committed to take advantage and monetise as much as possible the use of its search engine. Do you already have an Adwords account? Check one of Google’s latest and revolutionary tools: RLSA Adwords

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