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Watching this Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin “The Best Way to Suck at Marketing” I have realised that I do tick all the boxes.


ROI is in my head for every campaign or strategy I put together for a client. Any piece of content for SEO team, any PPC keyword research list, or any Display Advertising proposal needs to pass my ROI filter. No matter how good the content is, how detailed the campaign is…I need to see that it will be profitable for the client or I will dismiss it.

This canadian cialis business approach will make your clients happy, your manager happy and probably your bank account happy. But that for does not mean you are a good Marketer, that just means you are a good Salesman. And I always wanted to be a Marketer not a Salesman.

Advertising is About Selling

This approach make me think about that Ogilvy´s quote where he states that we should never forget that the ultimate goal of Advertising is selling our client’s product (from an Agency point of view). Indeed this should be the ultimate goal, but not in a short term. I would modify Ogilvy’s quote to “Advertising is About Selling in the long run“. This requires building a brand with loyal customers that don’t hesitate to make “irrational” decisions like paying more for a product that is not even the best one in the market.

Watching Rand’s video made me think about one of the best brands from a Marketing point of view, Apple.

Apple Does Not Suck at Marketing

Everyone loves Apple now, but I remember a few years ago people called them crazy because they didn’t enter the price competition (I am speaking here about PC Market), when even Sony started to decrease their prices and devalued its brand. I bet those were not easy times for Apple. But that strategy finally paid off. click here You Succeed when you keep your focus on building a brand, and you forget about offering the best deal. That is a short term approach, and will be beaten soon by another brand. Only one brand can be the cheapest of the Market.

Successful brands tell us stories, stories that we tell others creating a community and feeling part of it.

Should I Stick or Should I Quit?

 I am afraid there is not an easy way out  for me. Tomorrow I am going to tell my clients that I was wrong, that now I am going to change all their strategies because this is not the proper way of doing Marketing and that their businesses won’t last very long with their short term selling approach. If I do this, my job wouldn’t last long too, and as much as love Marketing, I do “love” paying my bills…I am afraid I need to keep Sucking at Marketing.

I Do Not Suck at Marketing in the Driver’s Seat

Unlike what happens with all of my clients, nothing in this Blog is done for profitability reasons.

In this Blog there is not an ROI objective or a Cost Per Sale to hit. It is a pure unprofitable investment of time and money. It is however, a Personal Branding Project that I hope will redeem me from my Sins as a Marketer.


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