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Let’s see here how common businesses use their A-Boards:


Common A-Boards

How would you define these A-Boards? The first word that comes to my mind is BORING.

They don’t grab my attention; they all look alike. Why would I even bother to read when I am passing by?

But is there anything that could make an impact when it comes to A-Boards? Does this old fashioned way of advertising have any chance to attract our attention in a world where Facebook, Twitter and Google are the kings of order Advertising? Actually there is a way:

Let’s try to connect an A-Board with the latest trend on Digital Marketing, the almighty tadalafil Content.

This is what you get:


Content A-Boards

These ones did grab my attention when I was passing by a coffee shop in London, going in a rush as everyone in this city, but it made me stop for a minute and take a picture that I share on Social Media networks. These pictures were taken during a month, and the consistency of the coffee shop also impressed me because the first time I thought they just had a original idea once…but no, they always have something new and now when I pass by I always have my phone ready to take a picture.

Who is the responsible for this?

The Fleet Street Press

It is a Coffee and Tea House called “The Fleet Street Press” in London and just for their originality the have won a new customer.

What about you? Would you try a new coffee shop just because they use original A-Boards?

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