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By This photo (C) Lars Aronsson (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

The first thing you should bear in mind if you want to learn how to start a blog is that every blog is unique, and no-one can tell you exactly what is going to work in your case, but understanding mistakes and best practises will give you ability to be more efficient from the beginning. sildenafil citrate 1. Subject

This is the main question you need to answer before starting a blog. sexy feeling tablets names medicine Keep in mind that blogging is about consistency, not about inspirational moments. Your blog should cover a subject which is broad enough to give you the opportunity to create several categories so you don´t get tired and bored of it. If you love sports and specially football don´t just focus on football, this way when special events like Olympics or Wimbledon come you can talk about it making the article creation less stressful because you have more sources of information.

2. Consistency

Before starting a blog you should have a frequency goal. How many articles a week or a month are you going to publish? Start step by step to avoid disappointments. It is fine if your goal is 2 articles a month, as long as you stick to it and every month you make sure you have your 2 articles in place. After one or two months if you feel that you can do better go for it but always stick to a plan and don´t publish “whenever I feel like”. This way, you will learn how to deal with the publishing “pressure”. Sometimes you don´t feel like writing, but blogging is not always an easy task, is about consistency.

3. Inspirational Sources

If you are wondering how to start a blog and you don´t want for your blog to end up like the 80% of blogs, abandoned within a month, I highly recommend you to find what I call inspiration sources. This might be the morning newspaper if you are writing about sports, or other blogs, or shops on the street but you need some kind of inspiration source that, when you are out of ideas, you can go there and help you with new subjects to write about.

4. Visitors

A good advice I would give you on how to start a blog is that, in order to keep your motivation up, sooner or later you will need visitors to your blog (apart from your mum and sister). Where are you going to get this? This is something that you should also plan beforehand. Thankfully, we are on the social media era and you will be able to find groups on facebook, twitter, forums, and other blogs where you can integrate in communities that will be happy to read what you have to write on your blog.

5. Publicity

Remember that a blog should not be an isolated website that only you and your family go to visit. You are going to do your online campaigns and get exposure from social media platforms and forums but you shouldn´t forget about getting exposure on real live. Don’t be shy, promote your blog, talk about it. The people you know will be your best fans because when they read your words they can see a face and a hand typing that, they can picture you and this will make it being a deeper communication experience. Use your blog as your personal brand and promote it like normal brands do in the market.

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