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Keeping Subscribers Engaged levitra rezeptfrei deutschland

How to Set Up Automatic Emails with Mailchimp


1. Create an Account in Mailchimp

2. Choose the Frequency and Sending Time



3. Choose the Sending List

If you have different subscribing lists you can choose to which list you wish to send your automatic emails. Segmentation is a very good idea specially if you have a large list with different interests.

4. Campaign Information

We are setting up an automatic email, so Mailchimp will create new title and body content automatically pulling this from the post.


Name: This won’t be shown, so just pick a name that you can remember when reviewing campaigns’ performance.

Email Subject: This is automatically set up by MailChimp. “RSSFEED:TITLE” will tell Mailchimp to pull the title from the article and use it as the title line for the email. “RSSFEED:DATE” will pull the publishing date of the article.

5. Email Design

Pick the Pre-Design option and then any of the RSS ones. Now the code that you see in the template will automatically get the Title and part of the body content of the article.


6. Final Test

Now before approve the campaign make sure it looks how you wanted to by sending a Test Email to your email address. This is how mine looked like.


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