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Welcome to the first Article of canadian meds How to SEO.

In these series of articles I will walk you through 10 Top brand Free SEO Tools that I use to improve search engines rankings for my Blog and Websites. In this one we will take a look at a great SEO Tool called order Rank Checker.

If you are starting to optimise the SEO of your blog or website I would suggest to get a good understanding about how you are doing in terms of SEO for selected keywords.

Rank Checker is a great Tool that will help you to monitor Google rankings for a list of keywords so you don’t have to do it manually. This is very helpful if have a list of keywords to check and don`t want to waste your time doing it one by one. Also this is a generic viagra for sale Free SEO Tool, so why not giving it a try?

Rank Checker is an Add-On for Firefox, so if you don’t have Firefox you first need to go and download it. After that, just download Rank Checker for free from and you should be good to go.

This is how Rank Checker looks like:


Rank Checker is Simple, Clear and very Useful

As you see, it is a pretty simple interface. You have the “ Domain” box, where you will be typing the domain you want to check and below it, the “ revatioviagra Keyword” box where you will type one by one the keywords you want to check the rankings for.

The interesting thing to do is checking list of keywords and keep them monitored.

Just click on “Add marley generics sildenafil Multiple Keywords” and create a list that you can save.


I suggest creating lists of keywords grouped by content.

For example:

  • Foundation Keywords: The broadest ones we want our site to be ranking high for on Google. For this particular blog these would be “SEO”, “Adwords” or “Google Analytics”. Obviously, these are high competition keywords so it will take a while to start getting ranked for them.
  • Campaign/Article Keywords: These are more specific keywords with less competition. You can focus on them on specific pages or articles and they also will help you get traffic. Less reach, but also less competition.
  • Competitors: It is useful to monitor how your competitors are doing for the keywords you want to rank for. Remember that in SEO, like in Marketing, your performance depends on what you do, but also on what your competitors do.

The last but not least tool of Rank Checker is the Scheduler.

Once you have created your list of keywords just schedule when you want Rank Checker to refresh this data and you won’t have to worry about it. Daily keyword rankings data and all for free!


For further details about how to download Rank Checker watch the video below:


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