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In this How to SEO release we are going to take a look at another viagraformengeneric100mg free and as easy to use tool for our SEO campaign, Google Trends.

If you are learning how to SEO you will have to keep in mind when launching an SEO campaign that this process is not immediate and you need to do a previous keyword research. However, prior to this you need to understand if the sildenafil tabletas 100 mg trends of those searches are increasing or decreasing because you want to make sure you are optimising your content for a high volume sought after keyword that will be consistent over time. To help us with this we will use Google Trends.

Let’s take a look at the interest over time of “How to SEO


The process to check this out is quite straightforward. Type your keyword at the top and then we can define these options:

  • revatio 20 mg Platform: Do you want to limit your search to categories like news or Youtube videos or you want to find out the interest on global
  • canadian cialis Location: Are you interested to see how popular is this search in your country or worldwide?
  • canadian online pharmacy Time: Period of time you want to
  • brand Categories: Definite if you want to limit your search to a more specific category rather than global search.

Going back to my example where I was looking for the interest in How to SEO, it looked like it is  an increasing sought after keyword but I also find interesting to look for some seasonality so we can refine the search and see last year activity.


There is some seasonality on the searches so we might want to keep this
is mind if we are backing up our SEO campaign with other PPC campaigns

If you want to dig deeper into the keyword interest you might want to check the regional interest. Google trends also provides you with information about where they keyword has been searched more. If you are only interested in national visitors this will help you to find out how popular that keyword is in your country and you can even go down to city data.


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