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Google Alerts offers a great source of information that can be used for several purposes. It is our second tool of our SEO Series: canada meds How to SEO

It is as useful as easy to use. Automatic generated e-mails about whatever you are interested in. For instance, you want to keep updated about Real Madrid football club. Then you just type that on “ sildenafil citrate Search Query” box, specify what kind of results you would be interested in ( levitra news, blogs, video, discussion, etc.) and Google will send you the alert whenever a new page with “Real Madrid” in it gets indexed.

From a marketing and business point of view, we can cialis price keep an eye on competitors and what they do. For example if we set up a search for our 3 main competitors and they go to a fair, we will be alerted by Google whenever they show up in the list of the attendees in the organisation website. This will tell us that we might be willing to be there as well.

But, how could this be useful from a SEO point of view? Where does it fit in viagra online How to SEO? In this case we can use it to keep sildenafil citrate 20 mg monitoring subjects where we have some to say. For example if we are a recruitment company and we have tadalafil useful content in our blog it would be a good idea to keep tracking keywords like “student jobs” or “graduate jobs” specifying blogs on Result Type. This way we can comment on relevant blogs with  useful information that will help us creating links back to our site. It is likely that these links are “No Follow”, this means the SEO juice from the original website is not transferred to our site, but still helps via co-citation.

Another way we can use this for SEO purposes is to find news and topics related to our business and then creating articles in our own blogs with latest news or information about the Market. We can even link to the original blogs for more relevancy. This way it will help us create useful and fresh content for visitors and for Google to keep our rankings high up.

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