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Do we need 25 different types of Cereal? Then someone is doing a great job marketing and selling the 20 types that we don’t need.

Storytelling is the answer to how to sell what they don’t need. However, a good story around your product will make them want it. Any product is suitable to have a story around it. If we think about FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), any of them need stories to be sold. Cereals are just cereals, but when we go to the supermarket we find 20 different types. Do we really need such a range of cereals? Is it really possible to make so many different types of cereals? The importance of each different type of cereal is the story created around the product, so our perception of the product goes beyond just a simple box of cereal.

The First Impression

First impressions are important, and certainly the TV Ads have helped to send a message across to their audience that goes beyond how the cereal is made. (Probably it is 99% like the other 19 types in the supermarket). I quite like “Special K”. It’s a clear message that shows how this cereal will help women that want to have a healthy lifestyle.

Looking at the Facts

The actual fact is that this healthy cereals have 17% of sugar. If we compare this with the 1.2% of sugar in porridge oats “Special K” does not look that healthy anymore. But the power of years of advertising has created a story around the product that everyone is happy to believe in.


Healthy and thin women eat  Special K for breakfast (and go to the gym 4 days a week)


If there is something we can’t deny “Special K” has done something very well for years, being consistent. Their message is easy and their target audience clear and concise. Consistency and time is always a winner in advertising. Obviously only a brand like Kellogs can afford building this message until it is bought from our audience.

Can you think of any other example where a Story has created a different story to the reality?

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