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Google is really making our life really difficult to everyone working on SEO. With the encrypted search growing every month and more Not Provided keywords in our Google Analytics Organic Search report it is even more challenging getting an understanding of what is driving traffic in numbers and its quality.

I decided to check this by myself with a few of my clients and it but for confidentiality reasons I can’t publish it here. However I am always happy to share this blog data. So this is what I found:


I thought it would be bad…but not this bad! I am running out of keywords data.
How can I optimise my content now?!

There is a real push in the last few months from Google to encrypt more searches and most of the keywords that are driving traffic to our sites sooner or later with be in the Not Provided Keywords chunk. Why is Google doing this? Well I would say that is the best way to push companies to use Google Adwords as their way to get this information about what keywords work better than others.

However it is still possible to assess and optimise your SEO efforts. SEO guru Rand Fishkin showed us a few ways to overcome the not provided keyword issue by gathering valuable information from other sources so we can drive our SEO efforts in the right direction. online canadian pharmacies A. Finding the most successful pages to optimise them: This has an easy solution. Just filter the traffic for Organic Traffic and then check the amount of visits for each page across the site. B. Linking rankings improvement to traffic growth: Once the Organic Search keywords reach the 100% encrypted we won’t be able to make the difference between what percentage is branded and what amount is non branded. Obviously we dismiss branded traffic from our SEO efforts as what we want is relate certain keywords to our brand to get new visitors and potential customers to our site. The best choice here is unfortunately (because it is what Google aims) bidding on our brand on Adwords to see the trend over the time so that when you report on SEO Organic Traffic you can take a percentage out depending on that trend. Other option to Adwords would be checking these brand keywords on Google Trends but I don’t think the results in this case are very reliable. viagra samples C. Brand perception/Related Keywords: In order to understand how our visitors perceive our brand so we can even get new marketing opportunities it´s really useful the “Search this Site” box. That data can be accessed later on Google Analytics (under content/site search) and this will help you understand how visitors perceive your brand and what they look for in your site. levitra coupon D. New keywords opportunities: Now we will not be able to get new ideas of keywords that we are naturally ranking for in order to optimised more content for them and get more traffic. Unfortunately, once again, Google Adwords is the best solution to see this by bidding on broad match keywords and then looking at the reports to see what other keywords users are searching that our site is receiving traffic for. buy levitra online Sign Up Free below to keep updated about latest Digital Marketing News!

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