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cialis 20mg How Often Should I Publish New Content in my Blog?

for How Many Articles Should I Post to Start Being Noticed by Google?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. It just depends on what is sustainable for you. How much time do you have a week to find new topics, write the content and promote it? If there is something I can say for certain it is that the more you publish, the higher you will rank on Google.

My fellow blogger Alvaro Faiña and I have been working on our blogs for about a year now. We have struggled to get traffic and people interested in what we have to say, other than our mothers that is (and actually in my case, not even she reads them, as she can’t speak English). Instead of giving up however, and leaving our blogs, we did the opposite and increased the publishing frequency.

Surprisingly for both of us, we saw how Google started to look at our blogs in a very different way. We were getting Organic Traffic from Google!

After the initial excitement at seeing that all the effort was finally worth it, it´s now time to analyse and understand why this happened, how this happened and the key question. Can we replicate it? Let’s see How to Increase Traffic to your Blog:

Own Experience (Digital Mind London)

  • Frequency: Increased from 1 Article/week to 3 Articles / week

  • Test Period: 2 Months (12 April 2013 – 11 June 2013)

  • Organic Traffic: 2 Visits/day to 23 Visits/day (1,050% Increase)
Organic Traffic-Alvaro-Bellido

Note how about a month after the starting date the organic traffic begins to increase

I started with very little organic traffic as the blog was fairly young; only 5 months old when I decided to increase the publishing frequency. As such, all the SEO metrics like PR, links and social factors were quite low or non-existent which made this blog invisible to Google.

Thankfully and after a year of work the SEO metrics now look a lot better to Google which even increased my PageRank from 0 to 3.

Fellow Blogger Alvaro Faiña’s Experience (

  • Frequency: Increased from 1 Article/Week to 5 Articles/ Week
  • Test Period: 1 Month (11th  November – 4th December)
  • Organic Traffic: 2 Visits/day to 15 Visits/day (650% Increase)

In this case the traffic picks up very quickly as the posting frequency increases more dramatically

Álvaro started his test period in November when his blog was quite young as well, about 10 months, so the SEO domain signals were not helping its rankings. The starting position was almost from scratch.

In the graph we see how the drastic increase from just 1 article to 5 a week gave a quick boost to the natural traffic coming from Google Organic Search in a matter of weeks.

Take Aways – How to Get more Traffic to your Blog

1. Publish, Publish, Publish:

Frequency in Blogging, like Frequency in Advertising, is a key factor. Get yourself a Content Calendar and make sure you meet the publishing frequency goals previously set.

2. The more, the merrier

Comparing both experiments we see how in just 1 month Alvaro managed to increase his organic traffic by 600% whereas looking at my graph above we can barely see any increase in the first month of increased publishing. Publishing 5 articles instead of 3 a week made this happened.

3. Test it Yourself

Search Engine Optimisation is an Art because it´s never certain that what worked for me is going to work for you. So the best advice I can give you is Start Testing!

Unfortunately none of us managed to maintain this publishing frequency and had to slow down. This obviously had an impact to the amazing organic traffic figures. Would you like to see what happened next?

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