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1. Introduce Yourself

2. Do you know enough about that Topic?

Giving a good presentation is not only about knowing what you have to say on each slide, is also about being authoritative on that particular subject. If this is the case, examples will come to your head if required and you will be able to address any question from the audience without hesitate. If you are sure you know enough about your topic you should go and share it with your audience.

3. Body Language

These are a few great tips by Brunel University on how to transmit confident when speaking.

  • Standing up straight and face the audience head-on.
  • Using your hands to emphasise and reinforce your points.
  • Varying your gestures and positioning.
  • Nodding your head and smiling to emphasise what you are saying.
  • Aiming to make eye contact with all members of the audience.

4. Tell a Story

Another top advice on how to give a good presentation is creating a thread or story. Knowledge and tips are great, but is there any thread that keeps your presentation as a whole story. Stories and not just cool, they get your audience engage all the way through your presentation, and if you are presenting what you really want is http://viagraonlinegenericeliquis.accountant home Attention.

5. Take Aways

What do you want the Audience to go away and think about? Probably you have made these points throughout the presentation, however, there is no harm on highlighting it at the end of the presentations as a reminder so everyone gets the reassurance of what  you wanted them to go away with.

Here a Masterpiece on How to give a Good Presentation


Do you have any tips on how to give a good presentation to share with us?? We would love to know!!

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