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Google does not like your SEO campaign because they can’t monetise it. For this reason they keep developing Google AdWords, their advertising tool. Expanding the real state of the AdWords Ads with image extensions, site-links, social extensions (only Google+ of course), and call extensions are a few tools that make this all too obvious.

However, vardenafil 20mg AdWords aren’t enough for Google, they have also developed other extensions in the search engine that will get in your way when someone searches for a keyword and your site is one of those listed in the organic results. The SEO company Moz measures the global Google results, categorising what type of results are shown for a given pool of keywords. This is MozCast. Every time you search for a keyword on Google there are a few other results (some sponsored) that will be competing with your website rankings and cialis 20 stealing your traffic.

1. Google AdWords (top)

As mentioned, Google Ads at the top of the Search Engine are one of the biggest competitors to get traffic for a keyword. They will always shows above natural rankings. This happens 63.5% of the time.


Clever Google shows Ads at the top of the page above the natural rankings…cheeky monkeys!

2. Google AdWords (right)

The Ads on the right hand side of the page will be competing slightly less against your natural search rankings than those at the top, at 45.1% of the time. These are not in your way as they are not on top of your rankings but still will get a few clicks that otherwise would have gone to your website in the natural rankings.


This poor organic result is clearly surrounded by AdWords! You and I know how to ignore them, but I bet many other people click on them!

3. Google Images


For certain queries Google will consider that an image can be the perfect match. In this instance, the overlap of Google Images and SEO rankings will happen 30.9% of the time. They will also appear on top of your rankings. The good news here is that you can also optimise your images to be picked up by Google. Remember using the Alt tag to tell Google what that image is about.

4. Reviews

27.3% of the time Google will be showing reviews above your natural rankings. This can actually be a positive way to reinforce your brand if those reviews are positive. However, if you have negative reviews showing on first page you will have 2 issues:

1. Someone is ranking above you (I’m talking here about your brand) and getting traffic from you.

2. The user will get a bad first impression of your brand and probably will not buy from you.


Please note that the images at the top are actually Google Shopping extensions. We will talk about this below.

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5. Knowledge Graph

Google launched the Knowledge Graph back in May 2012. This tool provides users with answers directly on the Search Engine, rather than just a link to another page containing that answer.  If you search for keywords like “Primark”, “SunTrust” or “Toms” you will see example of Knowledge Graph. Knowledge Graph affects 26% of Google searches showing above you natural rankings.


I feel sorry for Google has taken over all their real state!

6. Authorship

Google Authorship is the way to link Author information to specific articles or pieces of content online.

Google Authorship affects 24% of Google searches. Even thought there is nothing showing above your rankings, having a picture next to the results was proved to have a real impact on click through rates. The issue with this was that it also affected the clicks that the main Google money machine AdWords was generating. For this reason and because they don’t want you to get free traffic Google has recently announced that they will be stopping showing the authorship photo. I have to admit that I’m personally not happy about this… it took me long time to set it up myself! Even though Google still shows the Author name next to the piece if the authorship has been correctly implemented (see here how to set up Google Authorship), deleting the picture has meant a decreased click through rate for the author’s pieces. (And my articles too. I am really gutted!)


I ranked 7th for that keyword but am the only result with a photo…Click to read the story about how this got me some traffic

7. Site Links

19.9% of the time Google displays site-links which takes a great portion of the real state at the top of the rankings. In this particular case I would not worry too much as this just happens for branded searches. (Google does not make it easy if you want to rank for a competitor brand name).

Even if you pay in AdWords, this will be very expensive as Google will see that you are not relevant for that keyword and will make you bid higher for offering a “poor” user experience. This is how Site Links looks. It is chosen by Google depending on your Website structure. If you don’t like the SiteLinks chosen by Google you can always go to Webmaster Tools and demote them.


Google chose my profile page as one of the most relevant links! Cooool!

8. Google Shopping

19.4% of the time Google will be displaying their paid shopping results. As mentioned, Google is not just content with monetising the search engine with AdWords; they have also come up with Google Shopping where companies need to be an affiliate of Google to be showing in Google Shopping. Think of it as a copy of Amazon.


If you are a video games shop, I would say you have no choice but to pay Google for one of their listings to show on Google Shopping

9. Google News Box

According to Moz 18.7% of searches get a Google News Box in the middle of the Organic Results. Again, Google is placing other links above yours and therefore decreasing the traffic that you get from your SEO efforts. The good news in this case is that it is not a sponsored result and you can actually apply to be part of Google News.

I think of Google News Box as another way to get traffic to your site just by publishing fresh new content. Here is some advice on how to take full advantage of Google News and get some free traffic. Google News can help you to diversify your SEO strategy. I don’t like to put all my eggs in one single basket!


An obvious case for a Google News Box to show up…

Universal Search dramatically changed the scope of the Google Search Engine and how anyone working on Search (SEO, Paid) perceives what is actually happening when a user comes face to face with the Google Search Box.

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