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It is well known that Adwords is a very profitable business for Google and actually one of its main sources of profit. However it might surprise you is that also SEO is a very profitable business for Google as well. As we were discussing on Google Vs SEO: The Endless Battle, it might look like Google is anti-SEO and that SEO practitioners just try to go around Google algorithms like an endless battle. This is not the case, it is actually the other way around.

Google wouldn’t be such a great search engine without the SEO practitioners who keep testing how robust it is and whenever a leak is found, Google will make sure this is quickly and properly fixed.

How is then possible that SEO is a profitable business for Google? Let´s take a look at a few best practices on SEO: 1. Keyword rich Title Tag: Following Google Best Practices on SEO they encourage you to use cialis 10mg optimise titles, sildenafil coupon meta descriptions and levitra bayer 20mg meilleur prix Urls in your pages to rank high. cialis 20 mg 2. Sitemaps: Another one of Google’s best practices for SEO is sildenafil 50mg placing a Sitemap on your site. This is absolutely useless from a user experience point of view. However, it is extremely useful for Google to understand and crawl faster and easier every page across your entire site. 3. Internal Linking: Google also encourage you to create internal links within your own website. This is beneficial for you as a web owner as your visitors will get more engaged with the sites and hopefully will end up visiting a few pages. This means more time on site and less bounce rates. However, Google will also benefit from this as it will be able to understand which articles/pages have any kind of relation with others being able to index better and faster your site and offering better results on the search engine.

Do you still wonder how Google benefit from SEO? It is quite clear that, with all the above, Google is using SEOs to make every website easier and faster to be crawled and indexed. This means making Google’s life easier which effectively lead to less time and resources for Google to understand what is your site about and how to relate that to future searches.

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