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Guide for SEO

SEO Agencies, HTML, CMS, SEO Software…yes that definitely works, but what if my marketing budget cannot afford it? Is it SEO only for big companies? Is that what Google want? Check here a quick and easy buy Guide for SEO.

If the answer is yes, only big companies would show up in Google Rankings and Google doesn’t want that. Google wants diversity in its results so that the user can decide which one is most suitable for his query.

What can you do to get better SEO? (And I mean YOU, not agencies or SEO Gurus). Just follow this viagra Guide for SEO.

Guide for SEO

  • Optimise your Site: You need to make your site SEO Friendly, and this is not such a big deal. All you have to do is researching the keywords you want to focus on, related to your business. Go to and check the search volume for each keyword. The ones with higher amount of searches and less competition are the ones which will help you push up your website. Then make sure you include these keywords in your Title tags, H1, H2, H3 and body text.

Guide for SEO

    • Make some Noise: They call it Off Page Optimisation. For me this means: Okay, your page is looking good. It’s optimised for Google, you’ve got nice content (you should work on this), now go out there and make some noise so they can find you. How to do this? You have many channels available: 
      • Directories: There are plenty of business directories where you can submit your website or Blog. Just make sure the directory is an authoritative one and you define properly what your business is about. (Good for SEO; will not create much noise though).
    • Friends’ Backlinks: Start with the people you already know to start building a community which will share and interact with the content you offer. Don’t be selfish and help them first to spread their content around. Check this video by the SEO Guru, Rand Fishkin, where he explains how to start a community with colleagues and friends:
    • Social Media BackLinks: If you think about it, creating a Social Media Strategy around your website is not just something cool. Every platform will give you a link back to your website from an authoritative website (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube). Can anyone question the authority of these sites? Then, take advantage and create a page on each one pointing to your website, and of course, feed them.
Guide for SEO
    • Content: Try to find what sort of content is working better to your audience and make it regular. This is hard work, but if they get used to have this content they will be loyal to your site and sooner or later will share it in their own circles.
Guide for SEO
    • Interact with your Community: It is as important to create a community as maintaining it. Interacting with them is the way to do it. Once they get engaged with your content, try to interact with them, get their feedback and improve the user experience.
social media

Once you have done all the steps above I am quite confident that your SEO performance for your Web or Blog will get better. This is just a starting point and a lot more can be developed down the line, but this is a good way to start, and you can Do It Yourself with this Guide for SEO.

Check our How to SEO Series for more in depth analysis on how to use 10 top SEO Free Tools in your SEO Campaign.

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