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Is tadalafila Google Vs SEO a real battle? I have seen a few times SEO professionals complaining about Google anti-SEO practices, blaming Google for making their work useless when they change their algorithms patterns, with Pandas and Penguins. Is really Google against SEO practises? Does the Google Vs SEO battle exist? The answer to that question depends on what you understand for SEO.

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Why should Google be anti-SEO? It makes sense thinking that Google wants to make all SEO efforts useless so we just give up doing SEO and start bidding on Adwords instead, their most profitable business. However, we should understand that Google’s most valuable asset is the sildenifil user experience. A user wants revatio relevant content to his query, and that’s why Google is always looking for high quality and generic viagra fresh content so the revatio price walmart user is happy and don’t think about trying Bing or Yahoo search engines.

Also for this reason Google has to penalise somehow those sites which use black hat SEO techniques to artificially push their sites up on rankings without providing good user experience. As a Google user this is something I expect so I can find the best answer to my queries and not wasting my time. From a web owner point of view I also expect from Google to protect my content from being copied and duplicated. Therefore penalising duplicate content is something positive for those who contribute to the worldwide net with new content.

Google doesn’t mind SEO

I don’t think Google wants to beat  SEO professionals as long as they understand what is and what is not allowed, and unfortunately, SEO practises are never easy or quick. Forget about SEO gurus that claim to be able to put your site on first page within a month because if they manage to do so, it will not last long and it’s very likely that your site will get penalised. Instead, just focus on your customer’s needs and interests creating good quality content for them and you will see your rankings naturally grow up.

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