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Thankfully the process is easy:

1. Login to your Google Reader account. You will see a pop-up like the one below confirming the day of its dead.


Notification from Google


2. If you click on “learn more” it will take you to this page. Now click on the “Click here” to download your info from Google Reader.


How to download your data


3. Now click on Create Archive.



4. Download the File


Keep your archive to import it later

Now your information is saved in a .zip containing a .xml file and a few .json that you can use on your new reader. levitra 20 mg cost walmart Alternatives to Google Reader homepage We have a few options available out there. The ones below seem to be quite good options so just check and pick the one that suits you best.

buy sildenafil online Feedly cilais The OldReader viagra 100mg

tadalis Newsblur



 the-old-reader-alternative-google-reader  newsblur-alternative-google-reader


For website and mobile use it will link your Google Reader account automatically if you sign in before 1st July

For website use only it was developed once Google started to overrate Google Reader. Very similar to Google Reader. Available for web, iOS and Android use.

Web and mobile use allowed with Facebook and Twitter inteaction.


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