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Should you change your website’s layout now?

As soon as I read this article I started to freak out. Is my layout cool enough for Google? After having a proper read through my understanding is that Google, trying to improve the user experience, is going to penalised to those sites that don´t offer the content they rank for above the fold, which means what you can see on the screen without scrolling down.

Why do they do this? It makes sense for sites overloaded with Ads so take ages to the user to find the content. Most of the times having to scroll to the bottom of the page to find what they wanted to find in the first place.

How much will this affect your rankings?

If your content in every page is not above the fold, the new Google Layout Algorithm might penalise you for bad user experience. However, this is supposed to affect spammy sites focused just on Ads. In my case I always use an image at the beginning of each article, so you need to scroll down to actually find the content. In spite of this I don´t think I will get penalised so I will structuring my content this way.

What about you, do you show your Content above the Fold? Comment below!

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