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Importance of Google Authorship

1. Stand Out: A Picture is worth a thousand words

We all love images, is one of the main principles of Advertising, your copy needs to be punchy but without a good image your success chances will be lower. As you can see, there is still a good time to use Google Authorship to stand out on the Google Searches. Not many users or companies are making use of Google Authorship so don´t hesitate and 

2. Brand Recognition: Get your brand on Google Search Engine

Even though I consider myself a Digital Marketer I don´t think traditional marketing is dead and as a main traditional marketing principle, I believe branding is a key marketing goal. Google Authorship gives you the chance of getting your brand on Google Searches. I really like how Moz does that with WhiteBoard Fridays and his CEO Rand Fishkin. Rand is as important as their official logo as he presents in conferences, he presents Whiteboard Fridays and you can see his face on Google for many SEO-related queries.

Take Away

In Moz´s case as a big scale and in my own case a smaller example we can see how brand recognition through Google Authorship can lead to a better Click Through Rate and higher Organic Traffic.

Do you know how to set up your Google Authorship? Find out on our 3 Steps Guide to set up Google Authorship.

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