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I have always been quite interested in the tadalafilo Custom report section of Google Analytics.

How to northwest pharmacy dig in our data and get those insights that will help you to understand better what is happening in your website and why your visitors behave the way they do.

High bounce rates, too little time spent on our site canada pharmacy Google Analytics always has the answer for these questions.

I will leave to the real experts the “how to create custom reports”, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share with everyone a few wonderful reports I came across with thanks to econsultancy. With these reports you can trust pharmacy canada access to wonderful data and all you have to do is just levitra online clicking on each link and they will go straight to your cialis coupon Analytics Custom Reporting.

(To download just click on the name of the report and a Google Analytics pop-up will show up)

1. Day and Hour Custom Report


You have been working on an article for your blog during a week and you would really like to shop get the best reach  when you publish it. When should you release it? If that was my case, thanks to the report above, I would definitely publish it on a Sunday.

2. Keyword Analysis Custom Report

With this report you will be able to find out what are your best performing SEO keywords. Once you know this, you can push the best performing keywords with new articles and content to make sure you get more traffic and conversions. 

3. Referral Analysis Custom Report

With this report you will be able to see your tops referrers with the visits and conversions that you are getting from each one. You might want to focus your broadcasting efforts on those ones!


4. Link Analysis Custom Report

This is without a doubt my favourite. It gives us the whole conversion process information.

Starting from the traffic source that is sending us traffic and where this traffic is landing at, and this for both visits and conversions metrics.

This way we can also find patterns about what type of content is performing best in terms of conversions.


I think with these 4 reports you can get started in case you are a beginner like me in Custom Reporting. More custom reports to come!

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