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It looks like Mr. Zuckerberg is not going to stop pushing his Networking monster by improving it with what they called “the third pillar of Facebook” after News Feed and Timeline. In my opinion the most ambitious project so far. 

The biggest issue for Facebook was that every “like” or “comment” was vanished after a few days giving us the feeling of just a social newspaper. This will change with Graph Search giving everyone the possibility of performing searches within your own network so that fresh content will be available as well as a searchable archive. 
This search will allow us to find people, photos, places and interests:
· drugs for sale Photos:  Search the pictures you liked or your commented on Searching for canadatopratedonlinedrugs common hobbies or activities among your friends
· homepage People: Searching for common hobbies or activities among your friends
·         Places: Search for restaurants in your city that your friends liked, or cities your friends have liked.  
·         Interests: Find out common interests of your colleagues, friends or family.  
Bing Collaboration: Even though Facebook claimed not to be in a “Search battle” with Google they signed a partnership with Bing for results beyond Facebook possibilities. This will not be expected to compete with Google Search but it might be just a starting point of this Search Battle.