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This is the third article about the importance of frequency in advertising. We explained first how frequency is important in offline advertising with a magazine banner and more recently applying it to one of the latest trends of online advertising: retargeting campaigns. Today we will take a look at email marketing, which stands in the middle of both. Even though email marketing is an online channel it has been used for long time and not always correctly. pharmacy Your perception about email marketing might be an intrusive channel but that is not always the case if you understand how it should or shouldn’t be used.

The whole idea behind email marketing is getting the email addresses from your customers/visitors because they think drugstore online you release sildenafil valuable content and they are happy for you to let them know. Since canadian online pharmacy unsubscribing is so easy and fast the fact that they gave you their contact details doesn’t mean that they are already friends with you, let’s say they just accepted to go on a date with you. Once they have given you their contact details the game starts and the time you have to “call them” is not unlimited as in online world the offer for “dates” are endless. You need to make your move and contact them within a reasonable time (I would say 1-3 days, otherwise when you contact them they will have forgotten about you and your email will be trashed). That is your first date, do they like what they see? (I am expecting you keep delivering high quality content like the one the saw when they accepted to give you their details). They had a good time with you, they will be happy to open your next email, reading your content, engaging with your website and referring to friends and colleagues. buy sildenafil The date went well, email marketing succeeded.

With a store community engaged on your site you get very important benefits:

  • Regular Traffic: All you need to care about is keep creating content and they will keep coming back. Remember to find your inspiration 
  • Quality traffic: Remember that bounce rate and time on site affects your SEO performance. Guess which traffic behaves better in this regards?
  • Referrals: Recurrent

     visitors (like visitors from email marketing) will be much more likely to comment on your articles, to share your content in social media, refer to friends or even link back to your site. No one would do that unless they have become first “friend” with you. online drugstore Email marketing is an very powerful tool that you shouldn’t dismiss unless you don’t have anything to offer to your visitors and if that is the case you should fix that first.

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