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We keep learning about Search Engine Factors. In this one, we are going to analyse what the influence of Social Media is for SEO. We have heard from different sources the cialis 20 mg importance of Social Media for SEO. However, the SEO Gurus of Moz decided to test this out and find out whether or not this was true and to what degree.

This experiment was conducted back in 2011, when Google decided to change the way Twitter results were found on the Search Engine. However, we are going to focus on the overall cialis tadalafil influence of Twitter and Google+ on Google Rankings.

Rand Fishkin, Moz’s CEO, asked all his fans to Re-Tweet his Tweet that had a link to a page. In just cialis uk 13 minutes the page was ranking 1st for the targeted keyword. The page was indexed very quickly thanks to Twitter signals and also boosted rankings.

Rand then conducted a similar experiment but encouraging his fans to more share it only on Google+. In this case, it took Google 2 hours to index the page which ended up ranking 1st as well for the focus keyword. This shows how, at the time, Google+ still had a long way to go as a ranking factor.

With all the promotion and improvement of Google’s Social Media platform I would believe that now it should be as efficient as Twitter was at that time.

The main outcome of this experiment for us is that Social Media Signals are Key for SEO. levitra prices How Can You Benefit from This?

The idea behind Social Media for SEO is that sildenafil sandoz you cannot control what people will like or share. Then, if one specific content gets Shares and Likes it should be taken into consideration in Google Rankings and reflect its relevancy on the search engine.

All you can do to take advantage of this is making sure you share your content on Social Media. If the content is appealing to your audience it will get noticed, liked and shared. Also don’t forget to include a Call to Action. We want them to like it, but we also want them to tell their friends!

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