25 SEO Experiments
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Bill decided to test the rankings of a particular page. He placed a link in the homepage because it was the most authoritative page of the site and therefore it would pass a great SEO value. He used exact anchor text for the keyword he was testing and waited till it was crawled by Google. After a few days, the page improved one position on Google Rankings for the targeted keyword going from position 11 to 10.

viagra cost Test 02

In this case Bill wanted to test a sidebar link to improve the rankings of the homepage. This had a negative impact and actually dropped a couple of positions in rankings for the selected keyword. Then he tried the same sidebar link for the page that he had used for Test 01 instead of the homepage. In this case he got an improvement of 1 position again.

Internal Linking Test – Take Aways

Even though link building it’s seen like an old fashioned SEO technique this experiment shows us that, without having massive improvements, internal link building can help you climb a position that in some cases will be the difference between being in second or first page of Google.

If you want to test this yourself I would recommend monitor closely the effects of internal building because as we saw in test 02 above it can also be harmful for your rankings.